Other Useful 3rd Party Plugins

These plugins are available at the Opencpn Download location or at various github repositories to be compiled. They generally work for Windows and Linux, and some are available for MAC. There are no page links for these plugins yet.

We need volunteers to write a brief paragraph about each of these plugins.

This plugin replaces the built-in status with a more configurable one that is easier to read. For best results, you should disable the built-in toolbar on the User Interface tab in the Toolbox and set the Y position of the plugin toolbar to at least the pixel size of the font selected in the plugin preferences.

Light weight yet powerful calculator plugin for OpenCPN which includes functions to solve nautical questions.

Allows user to define several buttons to launch external commands. Targets touch screen devices.

Shows plugin API messages. For developers to help troubleshoot problems with NMEA data streams.

Provides an OpencCPN interface to the free software autopilot pypilot.

A simple simulator that allows driving a boat across the chart and more.

Integrating OpenCPN with NMEA2000® network.

Simple GPS Features.

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